Project Partners

TWI Ltd (UK) TWI Ltd (UK)


TWI is one of Europe's largest independent research and technology organisations. Based at Abington near Cambridge since 1946, TWI provides industry with technical support in materials, joining, assembly, NDT and associated technologies. It has over 50 years experience in wind turbine engineering and research. In the last 30 years the company has been heavily involved in advanced FRP technology, metallurgy, fatigue mechanics and novel non-destructive testing methodologies for application in the wind energy industry. TWI has over 550 skilled staff and a turnover of €57 million. TWI has participated in approximately 75 European projects, leading more than 30, including several Framework V, VI, CSG and CRAFT projects.

It has more than 60 qualified NDT engineers with academic, research and industrial qualifications. It has proven technical excellence in the development of sensing techniques and several of TWI's past inventions are being used regularly in the non-destructive testing and sensor development industry. TWI's business strategy is based on industrial collaborative projects involving either its industrial company membership or European projects. Within TWI, support will be provided from the central unit (GEP and Contracts Department and the collaborative team), which deal with the financial, organisational and administrative aspects of all multi-partner projects. From elsewhere within the partnership significant roles for several partners will be identified in dealing with various aspects of project management, for example work package management and exploitation management. TWI's involvement in the various collaborative (CRAFT and collaborative) projects and the close contact with the wind energy and other industries have made TWI the first choice as a project co-ordinator for the partners in this project.