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Wi-Health 12M Meeting
Wi-Health 12M Meeting was held on 25.09.2012 in Brussels. The meeting was very fruitful and partners had a chance to go through all developments in the last 6 months. A follow up RTD meeting will be held in Cambridge in the near future to clarify details about the demonstration in 2013.

The Wi-Health 6 Month Meeting will be held at Vermon, Tours, France on 7th March
The date has been set for the the sixth month meeting which will be hosted by Project Parter, Vermon

The Wi-Health 3 Month Meeting held at Humber Bridge Board
A successful Project meeting was held on Wednesday 7th December, this was followed by a tour of the Humber Bridge. A view along the

The Wi-Health Kick Off Meeting, held at TWI Ltd, Cambridge UK
The Kick Off meeting was launched at TWI Ltd on 10th and 11th October 2011. Initial discussions were held and a three month meeting was planned at the Humber Bridge. The meeting has been deemed sucessful.